Tasafy for Servicers

Streamlines asset valuation

With appraisal management and execution software that makes the end-to-end process transparent and streamlined.

How does Tasafy help a servicer?

Tasafy is the SaaS platform for the management and execution of valuations that facilitates communication between all the actors involved in the valuation process through the efficient exchange of data and reports in a secure and controlled environment.

We work in an integrated manner with all financial institutions.

The appraisal revolution

The only software on the market that offers the execution of your valuation reports while you manage and control all your work in a single space, in the cloud and in real time.

Summary of your activity
Data form

Need to know at a glance the status of your jobs and your team's jobs? We offer you a complete control panel for real-time monitoring: How many reports do I have to deliver? How many incidents are there? Which ones are out of time?

Do you need to collect all the data of the property during the visit from your mobile and in real time? We provide you with a simple and intuitive form with automatic information and tabulated data.

Can you imagine finishing the visit and having all the data and photographs automatically dumped into the report? Generate your PDF reports in one click and share them with your clients quickly and easily.

For every need, a solution

Meet all the needs that reinvent the appraisal process


Automatic generation of reports according to the desired format and files adapted to each entity.


Comprehensive management of all your appraisal assignments including estimates, reports and invoices.


Communicates order updates to stakeholders and manages incidents and complaints.


Collect data during the visit directly on your cell phone using simple and intuitive forms.

KPIs and SLAs

Collect the data needed to establish and analyze KPIs and SLAs and visualize them through Tasafy dashboards.

No cost per user, you only pay per exported report.


Per report
Automatic generation of PDF reports and certificates in compliance with regulatory standards (ECO, RICS or IVS).
All valuation methods: finished, unfinished, land and economic holdings
Data collection during the visit, from any device, synchronized with the appraisal report.
Control panel for real time monitoring of your work
Report customization: logo, footer and signatures
Databases with automatic locality, environment and market information
Storage of own witness database
Work schedule for planning visits and deliveries
Report version history and change log


Includes access to Idealista witnesses
Per report
All the features of the COMFORT license
It also includes:
Integrated tokens module: import of comparables from the location or cadastral reference
Possibility of access to the Idealista.com database.
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