For every need, a solution.

Manage, distribute, control or fully execute your valuation reports of any property with a tool in the cloud, from all devices and in real time.

Management area

Meet all the needs that reinvent the appraisal process

Integration of all stakeholders

It unifies all the actors in the process and allows the work to be distributed automatically.

Traceability of your orders

Know the date and time of completion of each milestone within each appraisal.

Document Manager

Upload and download all the documents related to an appraisal: simple note, deeds, photographs, etc.

Filter selection

Use more than twenty filters to locate the jobs you need and export the information to excel.


It reflects in real time any incident that arises in the process of an appraisal and resolves it on the spot to gain in agility.

KPIs and SLAs

Collect all the necessary data to establish and analyze KPIs and SLAs and visualize them through Tasafy dashboards.

Report validation

Use the validation module to monitor all reports made by your network of appraisers.

Background and comparables

Upload your own or third-party tokens, modify them and save them for use when you need them.

Execution area

Meet all the needs that reinvent the appraisal process

Type of property

Perform all your valuations whatever the type of property*. All reports comply with the standards set by regulations such as ECO, RICS or IVS.


Automatic incorporation into the report of all the documentation and data used in the management of the assignment that form part of the valuation.


During the visit to the property, it collects all the data in situ in a simple and intuitive form from any device.


It uses all the valuation methods specific to each type: comparison, cost, legal maximum, updating for rents and contract, among others.

Traceability and Customization

Clear visualization of the traceability of the different versions and statuses through which the appraisal report has passed.

Automatic delivery to the customer

Automatic generation of reports according to the desired format and files adapted to each entity.

Comparables solution

Upload your own or third party witnesses, modify and save them for use in your assessments

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