Digitization in the appraisal process

If there is one trend that has marked the evolution of work, products and services in recent times, it is clearly digitalization. At a time when we are witnessing the creation of native digital professions and companies, other professional sectors, born in an analog era, have also been joining the advantages (and challenges) of digitization.

As could not be otherwise, this has also been the case for professional appraisal, which, thanks to the integration of technology, has achieved substantial improvements in quality, agility, accessibility and security. Some of the objectives to be achieved by the introduction of digital procedures in valuation are:

– The reduction of the time it takes for an appraiser to produce a report.
– Mitigation of the most frequent mechanical or computational errors.
– Increasing the amount of information available to the appraiser.
– Increased data security.
– Improved communication between clients, companies and technicians.

The following infographic shows some examples of digitization implemented by different appraisal companies, which, as can be seen, have an impact on the entire process of preparing an appraisal, from its commission to its reception:

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