Tasafy for Valuation Companies

Integral control and execution of appraisals in real time

Cloud-based software that connects all parties involved in the appraisal process, improving turnaround times and increasing the quality of reports.

We work in an integrated manner with all financial institutions.

How does Tasafy help appraisal companies?


Tasafy is a valuation management and execution platform that facilitates an unprecedented level of communication between all the actors involved in the valuation process through the efficient exchange of data and reports in a secure and controlled environment.


Comprehensive management of your team's work including rates, quotes and invoices


It unifies all the actors in the process and allows the work to be distributed automatically.


Use the validation module to monitor all reports made by your network of appraisers.


Communicates order updates to stakeholders and manages incidents and complaints.


Collect all the necessary data to establish and analyze KPIs and SLAs and visualize them through Tasafy dashboards.


Centralizes all versions of the same file in a single space, with access to all changes made.


Tasafy provides maximum transparency and agility to each operation, from the request, through execution to delivery to the client. All this in a single space in the cloud, in real time and connecting all stakeholders.

mobile app

Offer your network of appraisers an app where they can make all their valuation reports quickly and easily thanks to optimized forms.

background and comparables

Upload your own or third-party tokens, modify them and save them for use when you need them. Also, know the background of all your appraisals.

Customized report

Total adaptation of the report to the desired format in compliance with brand guidelines and manuals.


Automatically generates reports according to the desired format and files adapted to each entity. Deliver via email the reports to your clients in PDF format.

Your company is just a click away

The only software on the market that offers the execution of your valuation reports while you manage and control all your work in a single space, in the cloud and in real time.

Summary of your activity
Data form

Need to know at a glance the status of your jobs and your team's jobs? We offer you a complete control panel for real-time monitoring: How many reports do I have to deliver? How many incidents are there? Which ones are out of time?

Do you need your network of appraisers to be able to collect all the data of the property during the visit from their mobile and in real time? We provide you with a simple and intuitive form with automatic information and tabulated data.

Can you imagine having all the data and photographs automatically dumped into the report once the appraiser has completed the visit? Generate your PDF reports in one click and share them with your clients quickly and easily.

Replaces manual processes with intuitive software

Get to know all the functionalities that reinvent the appraisal process


Control at a glance the activity of your entire company: status of a file, assigned supplier, appraisal report and its invoice, among others.


Centralize the monthly invoicing of all your customers and suppliers, control production costs and make your business more profitable.


Report to the Bank of Spain both quarterly and annually in an efficient way, thanks to optimized forms and data collection.

Deployment and migration plan

How do I start working with Tasafy?

In Tasafy we know that the implementation of a new software is a critical aspect and one of the most important in the decision making process of a company.
Therefore, we have prepared a deployment and migration plan that is conceived in a progressive manner, with a minimum approach in the deployment phase so that the system can go into production as soon as possible, covering the migration of all the necessary data in later phases. All this always with the support of a technical team that offers continuous support.

We prepare an economic proposal tailored to your needs

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