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Functionalities that revamp the traditional appraisal method.

Property type

Property type

Make all your valuations regardless of the property type*. All reports conform to the standards set by regulations such as the ECO, RICS or IVS.

*Homes, commercial premises, offices, warehouses, garages and storage rooms already available. Land, rural farms and financial exploitations available in summer 2021.


Flexibility and Order

Flexibility in the creation and design of the valuation structure adapting to your needs. Management of the documentation related to each valuation in a unified and orderly manner.

Property type


Control and manage all placed or in progress commissions, both for you and your team, to know the different statuses and incidents from your initial request to your billing in real time thanks to a comprehensive dashboard with charts and indicators Likewise, it supervises all incidents or any possible adverse situations arising from them and immediately resolves them.



Automatically incorporate all the documentation and data used in the management of the commission that is part of the valuation into the report. Including databases of conditioning factors and statutory warnings for rapid incorporation into the report.

Property type


During the visit to the property, it collects all the data in situ on a simple and user-friendly form from any device with the following benefits:

1. We indicate all necessary fields to show from the previous visit and help you to fill them in using tabulated fields, such as the characteristics of the building at a structural level, building data, rooms, finishes, fixtures, information on the surroundings, fittings, etc.

2. We provide data that is automatically filled in such as the characteristics of the town, surroundings, a market study, etc. based on certain descriptive data of the property.

3. We provide you with a photograph section that automatically adds the images into the report.

4. Real-time upload of all the data in the valuation report format.



It uses all the valuation methods typical of each type: comparison, cost, legal maximum, update by rent and contract, amongst others.

In the application of the comparison method:

1. Easy creation and incorporation of proofs to databases for use in subsequent reports.

2. Comparable geographic location on a map.

3. Standardisation broken down by concepts.

4. Intuitive application of depreciation.

In the application of the cost method:

1. Simple procurement of the Land Value and Gross Replacement Value, using a simplified static residual.

2. Automatic application of physical depreciation according to the year of construction and renovation and easy introduction to the functional depreciation to obtain the Net Replacement Value.

3. Easy inclusion and printing of the documentation to be included in the report.


Traceability and Personalisation

Clear view of the traceability of the different versions and statuses that the appraisal report has gone through. Automatic invoice generation with the option to personalise them with a signature and/or logo. Control and monitoring of all monthly billing with your clients or the different appraisal companies you are working with.


Frequently Asked Questions

We resolve your doubts before you choose the tariff that best suits your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tasafy?

Tasafy is the most complete, dynamic, transparent and fast software for completing your valuation reports. Tasafy is the online platform where you can complete your official appraisal as approved by the Bank of Spain, which will allow you to maximise the benefit of your work and your time, working without the need for facilities, in real-time, safely and adapted to your needs.

3. Can I use the Tasafy software to work with any client?

Yes. Tasafy also allows you to connect with the client via a single platform and optimise your time thanks to the appraisal form and the instant photo section.

Choose the appraisals that suit your needs and work with any Appraisal Company.

5. How do I receive the training to become an appraiser?

Register and get access to our catalogue of online courses designed by and for appraisal professionals. We also provide technical assistance 24 hours a day for answering your questions.

2. Can I join Tasafy without having any experience?

Yes, of course. We will also help you with your training and professional development.

At Tasafy Academy we guide you in your professional development as a Property Appraiser. We give you access to an online appraisal completion platform for your ongoing training, with specific courses adapted to all levels designed by and for appraisal professionals

4. What happens after the 15-day trial?

Once the trial month is over, you will receive an email informing you of the end of said period. In this email you will be informed of the different tariff options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

During the trial period you will not have to enter payment details.


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