Tasafy for Financial Institutions

Comprehensive management and control of appraisals in real time

With software that connects everyone involved in the process, giving you maximum control over your orders.

How does Tasafy help financial institutions?

Tasafy is the software for you to manage, distribute and fully control your appraisal assignments in a cloud-based tool, in real time and connected with all the appraisal companies you work with.

The transparency you need

Connect with your appraisal companies


Assign a provider, manage the documentation and follow live the progress of your appraisals and the activity of the appraisal company.


Monitor your suppliers' deadlines and service through a monthly ranking that allows you to make strategic decisions.


Increases efficiency through full digitization of processes, from assignment through incident reporting to the final delivery of the appraisal.

Standards and reporting

We facilitate the reporting of your valuations to the Bank of Spain.


Consult the history of all appraisal reports. Use the filters to access any job instantly.

One-click control of your appraisals

The only software on the market that offers the centralization of appraisal work between financial institutions and appraisal companies, in a single space, in the cloud and in real time.

Summary of your activity
Supplier connection
Quality control

Need to know at a glance the status of your jobs and your team's jobs? We offer you a complete control panel for real-time monitoring: How many reports do I have to deliver? How many incidents are there? Which ones are out of time?

Can you imagine connecting all your suppliers in a single tool, allowing you to assign work to them and monitor their work in real time? With Tasafy it is possible.

Tasafy allows you to integrate your suppliers to perform quality control of all your appraisals. Control the entire service flow in a single space in real time.

For every need, a solution

Meet all the needs that reinvent the appraisal process


Collect the data needed to establish and analyze KPIs and SLAs and visualize them through Tasafy dashboards.


Integrally manage all your appraisal providers, allowing you to assign work to them and monitor their activity.


Keeps you informed of all order updates and manages incidents and complaints.

We prepare an economic proposal tailored to your needs

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